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Other projects with John

John Tams and Barry Coope


John is currently appearing as a duo with Barry Coope
see also Coope Boyes and Simpson


"Their voices sounded perfect: rich, powerful and full. The new songs are all classics - what a wonderful evening. What a lovely audience - such quiet for the music and such gusto in applause. An amazing night at the Borderline."
Barry Everitt, Director, Borderline Club


"So much passion and real talent."
Tony Engle, Topic Records

"A beautiful gig." Andy Seward, Producer/Engineer

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Under One Sky


This specially-commissioned composition from musician extraordinaire John McCusker interweaves diverse styles, genres and traditions; featuring Julie Fowlis, Roddy Woomble, James Mackintosh, Ewen Vernal, Iain MacDonald, Graham Coxon, Andy Cutting, Ian Carr, Emma Reid and singers John Tams and Jim Causley.

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Radio 2 - Radio Ballads


John was Series Music Director of the 2006 Radio Ballads. The team, lead by Series Producer John Leonard was following in the footsteps of Charles Parker, Ewan McColl and Peggy Seeger who created the original Radio Ballads in the 1950s. The series took two awards at the Song Radio Academy Awards - a bronze and the prestigious gold. The series was the only one ever to be nominated 'Pick of the Week' every week on BBC Radio 4. Steelos, one of John's songs from the Song of Steel ballad is set to become a stage play in the Lower Don Valley.


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