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What the press says about John's music

Quotes for 'The Reckoning' 2006


BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2006 - Album of the Year

Bitter Withy - Traditional Track of the Year

Man of Constant Sorrow - Nominated Original Track of the Year


'**** 4 stars - awesome.' Uncut

'**** 4 stars a tour de force -an album that grows in stature with every play. An exceptional album.' - MoJo

'A stunning collection of original and traditional songs - the perfect showcase for an awesome talent.' - Officially V rated - Virgin Megastore

'The Reckoning is a new milestone, effortlessly achieving the status of a classic.' - Stephen Daldry, film and stage director

'It's the business. I love it.' - Bob Hoskins actor

'It is absolutely wonderful - a stunning piece of work.' - Charles Dance

'A totally cool album. Awesome.' - Sam Genders, Tunng

'I declare The Reckoning to be a work of genius' - Malcolm Hill, former Head of Parlophone

'The radio is full of music. Sometimes it sounds like bright fountains, sometimes like muddy puddles. Once in a long while you hear a great river, flowing down through time and experience and tradition, carrying you away on it. That's The Reckoning, music that makes the heart leap.' - Gillian Reynolds, radio critic, Daily Telegraph

'It is fantastic - I love it.' - Patrick Humphries, music journalist and biographer

'A remarkable feast. Outstanding. 4 ****.' - Art Stevens, What's On in London

'The Reckoning is a beautifully composed cd - masculine yet tender, full of integrity -so beautifully expressing things that should be said and felt. As for the Bitter Withy - it's just wonderful - hypnotic and moving forward in a quite extraordinary way, so steady - so compelling.' - Shirley Collins, folksong collector and writer

'A fantastic album - I love it all and Bitter Withy is out of this world.' - Linda Thompson, singer/songwriter

'A glorious album.' - Trevor Griffiths, playwright

'A stunning album - one of the folk-happenings of the year.' - Mike Harding

'So much I like about it - it's a masterclass on what to do with a song for a start - I'm in deep admiration of it.' - Ray Hearne poet and singer

Quotes for 'Home' by John Tams (released 2003)


'Roots Album of the Year' - What's On in London

'**** Four Stars' - The Times

'...a stunning follow-up to his award winning Unity.' - Late Junction

'Pride of place must go to John Tams' Home.' - Mojo

'A wonderful album from one of our finest songwriters.' - Bob Harris

'**** Tams is in awesome form. 4 stars.' - What's On in London

'One of Britain's ultimate songwriters.' - Mojo 1000 The Ultimate CD Buyers Guide

'...a music legend who writes with sensitivity and passion.' - Morning Star

'An excellent album - beautifully constructed songs.' - Birmingham Evening Mail

'A fantastic album.' - Sue Johnston, actress, 'My Last Good...' Mail on Sunday

'You will be impressed. Like a fine and expensive wine you know it's going to be good. This album just gets better and better with each listen.' -

Quotes for 'Unity' by John Tams


Album of the Year - BBC Folk Awards 2001

Original Song of the Year - BBC Folk Awards 2001 (Harry Stone)

'Few albums, in any genre, will carry such emotional resonance as this.' Mojo Magazine

'Though Unity has been a long time coming, patience finally gets its reward. It's a gently warming album full of finely crafted songs, driven by a rare political heartbeat and delivered without fuss or affectation.' * * * * Four stars Q Magazine

'Few raise the hairs on the neck in such inverse proportion to the hackles as John Tams. A must-hear.' HMV Magazine

'Quality shines through the entire album....almost every track could be a contender for Song of the Year, performed with unfailing taste and integrity.' Colin Irwin - Folk Roots

'One of our best British songwriters. Unity is terrific..cracking songs..cracking album..' Mike Harding Folk on 2

'Tam's solo record is a masterpiece of writing, singing and arrangement. Film-like in its scope and vision - Unity catches him at the peak of his of this country's most accomplished singer-songwriters...a sure - fire contender for album of the year.' What's On In London

'Fantastic - a terrific album.' Albert Finney, actor

John Tams and Barry Coope


Nominated for Duo of the Year at BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2006

'John Tams has a voice that can heal. His work is older than Stonehenge but fresher than a morning daisy.' Bob Hoskins

'John Tams and Barry Coope confound expectations: rich, diverse, contemporary and utterly compelling. It simply does not get any better than this.' - Colin Hall, What's On in London

'Go and see them. John Tams is a national Treasure. They are brilliant.' - BBC Radio 2

'The best night we've ever had.' - Nettlebed Folk Club, Radio 2 Club of the Year 2001

'We were privileged to be part of such a special night- everyone loved them.' - Pat Batty, Westhoughton, BBC Club of the Year 2002

'Thanks John and Barry. A brilliant night' - Steve Rusby

'Truly wonderful - words, music, the whole show.' - Steve Heap. Mrs Casey Music

'John of the best we've got or indeed we've ever had.' - John Leonard, Smooth Operations/ Radio 2 Producer

'Our Gig of the Year' - Folkwaves, BBC Radio Derby

'John Tams is a national treasure.' - BBC Radio 2




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